Marianne Unruh

250-558-8575  call or text

TO ORDER: I request that you email me  your wish list early. I keep track of all emails in the order that they come and it is first come when it comes to the limited iris.

I will keep only 1 email with the order on it and if you want to edit that email just hit reply and you can type new iris names or remove a name. Please do not email me seperate emails with more iris as it is impossible to keep track of them.

I will may not contact you until July or August when I get ready to start digging. Remember I am a small home gardener not a commercial supplier. I only have a few plants of each variety to sell from.

I can not control mother nature so if at the time of digging the plant looks unhealthy or small I won't sell it. I am sorry to disapoint you but I wouldn't want a poor plant.

I mail using Canada Post and charge only what they charge.

I prefer e-transfer when I dig your order and have it ready to ship. I will send you an email with the total cost. That is when you pay for your order. I will take a check if necessary.



UNCLE CHARLIE UNCLE CHARLIE  Don Spoon 1997, 34" tall, mid/late season, FRAGRANT SWEET,

AWARDS: HM 2001, AM METAL 2005, FRANKLIN COOK MEDAL 1999. RUFFLED                                  6.00     SOLD OUT     

  UNDERCURRENT UNDERCURRENT Kempel 2004 42" tall  Mid to late season, FRAGRANT  SWEET,

AWARDS: HM 2006 AM 2008 6.00  SOLD OUT


RUFFLED                                                                                                10.00   sold out for 2019