Marianne Unruh

250-558-8575  call or text

TO ORDER: I request that you email me  your wish list early. I keep track of all emails in the order that they come and it is first come when it comes to the limited iris.

I will keep only 1 email with the order on it and if you want to edit that email just hit reply and you can type new iris names or remove a name. Please do not email me seperate emails with more iris as it is impossible to keep track of them.

I will may not contact you until July or August when I get ready to start digging. Remember I am a small home gardener not a commercial supplier. I only have a few plants of each variety to sell from.

I can not control mother nature so if at the time of digging the plant looks unhealthy or small I won't sell it. I am sorry to disapoint you but I wouldn't want a poor plant.

I mail using Canada Post and charge only what they charge.

I prefer e-transfer when I dig your order and have it ready to ship. I will send you an email with the total cost. That is when you pay for your order. I will take a check if necessary.



We are easy to find, just off Hwy 97 in Falkland BC..

Turn right at the Petro Canada gas station and go up the hill and turn into the chain link fenced driveway on the right. We are half a block off hwy 97 and have 5 acres inside the chain link fence.

Best if you call first to make sure we are home.

250-558-8575 cell or text.

250-379-2473 land line to leave a message



         mp_unruh             all one long word

I have garden tours during bloom season. Look for the sign.

May for the little guys and June for the tall bearded are the bloom times for my garden. Hope to see you next year!

Happy gardening. Marianne

I also mail order across Canada and only charge what Canada Post charges me.